Quantitative Wealth Creation Technology

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Wealth Growth at its Best
Exceptional Returns using Quantitative Wealth Creation Technology and High Alpha Algorithms

At Ace Returns we are bringing the power of high returns trading account algorithms to the sophisticated investor.

In a world of dubious investment opportunities, experienced investors are sick of losing money.
They now want to invest their money only where there is a niche repeat profit system in place, that is appraised by statistical and mathematical quantitative data.
And they don't want their money tied up where they cant get it at a moments notice.

We are currently opening up our evergreen niche capital growth algorithms to a few select sophisticated investors. This gives them the opportunity to partner with us and produce some predictable and exceptional returns with only a 5/6 figure investment - whilst we get to use leverage for our returns, a lowering of risk values, as well as speed to market.

Each investor receives predictable returns of more than 5% per month and weekly withdrawals.

Ace Returns quantitative wealth creation technology is an algorithmic capital growth product, dedicated to helping sophisticated investors joint venture in making high returns on their investment portfolio via an online corporate trading account. This is achieved in a unique way using our proprietary scientifically proven trading account technology.

Along with our working theory of the markets, we do this through harnessing low risk repeat profit currency trading algorithms on what are normally high risk accounts. These type of algorithms reduce the risk right down and produce exceptional capital growth in a corporate trading account, producing at least 60%pa returns and more with low risk.

Ace Returns is right at the cutting edge of technology supporting the modern professional wealth management industry, creating high success algorithms used for reliable execution of repeated profitable trading, across a wide selection of global financial markets.

The high return New Forex-binary/sprint market accounts are now under stiff regulation and have some of the highest deposit to profit ratios available on the market. High ratios are achieved in many ways using strict mathematical and statistical methods and include each trade being hedged, exchanging through 2 or more currencies to maximise exchange rate value, using HFT where milliseconds count, emotionless trading and our prized Totally Restricted Drawdown Method which also secures the account against unmitigated losses (so there are no surprises!). Profit and loss balance is kept up to date in any given few seconds.

As a joint venture partner utilising Ace Returns quantitative wealth creation technology, ensures you safely receive a higher return rate than you get elsewhere and that you are able to view your safe deposit of funds and the current balance including intraday profits in a corporate Forex-binary/sprint market trading account.

And this really is - "letting your money work for you"!

Forex-binary Accounts

For over 7 years now Ace Returns has given special attention to the trading management formula for regulated Forex-binary and sprint market accounts and have created some of the industry’s leading trading process algorithms.

If you would like to experience a demonstration of some of the latest trading processes and most successful algorithms producing daily capital growth (which btw are never left unattended, let alone left over night), then please contact your Ace Returns wealth creation account technologist at partnership enquiries.


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